From Co-Workers to Couple

A heartwarming workplace romance with subtle beginnings

Meet Lindsey and Jorge, two nurses whose love story unfolded within the bustling walls of their workplace. Amidst subtle signals and the gentle art of patient pursuit, they discovered a bond that transcended the norm.

From a joyous first date in Christmas Village, with hot chocolate, to a heart-throbbing surprise proposal on the beach, you’ll get a heartwarming glimpse into their magical journey. Together, we’ll explore how Lindsey and Jorge navigate intricate workplace dynamics and cherish togetherness while also mastering the art of spending meaningful time apart, ensuring that independence remains a cherished part of their love story.

Let’s start with the story of how you two met!

Lindsey: We work together — I’m a nurse and Jorge is also a nurse. Over the course of about two months, I slowly asked to figure who he was. I found out he was single and was around the for 2019 holiday season. And then I went and I talked to him a few times, and I would gingerly ask what he was doing on the weekends. He just keep it short. “Have a good day.” He would just walk away from me. He didn't understand that I was trying to ask him out!

Jorge: Pretty much she was like, “Yeah, we should get a drink sometime!”

Lindsey: I asked him out in a patient waiting room!

What was your first impression of each other?

Jorge: No one ever hit on me! So I wasn't even thinking about that in the moment. When she asked me out the first time, I thought she was just being friendly, you know? So finally, we were in a room, we just started talking. “Oh, yeah, we should, you know, exchange numbers.” So that's how it started.

Did you keep this a secret at work?

Lindsey: I would say for the first six to eight months we did. He was adamant that nobody knew because it's a professional workplace. He works in anesthesia. I work in nursing, and we're always together. There's so many different people we interact with.

What was your first date like?

Lindsey: We actually went to Christmas Village in Philadelphia on December 21st. They have all these shopping vendors — hundreds of vendors and there's ice skating. So we walked around and got hot chocolate and then he told me he was taking me to a Korean barbecue place. I was like “sweet!”

You mentioned earlier you are engaged. How did you do it?

Jorge: We were at the beach and we were walking. I didn't know how I would do it. At that time, she got a new iPhone. So she was like, “Oh, let's take a selfie!” So I was like, “Oh yeah, great! Let’s take a selfie.” Then I wrapped my arms around her back and I had the ring in my left hand. And I think when she turned to the left, she saw the ring.

Lindsey: It was unexpected that day because we were at the beach house and we just bought it and it's filthy. So, we were cleaning it out. We were all dirty — it was just very unexpected.

Any advice for people looking to explore workplace relationships?

Lindsey: I would probably tell them to be very professional about it and be mindful if it’s not working out. I always had that in the back of my head. Like what if this doesn't work out?

Since you work together and live together, how do you manage alone time?

Linsey: Thankfully, we like being together and fortunately, we have a big house. I have a lot of my own interests. I go to a lot of concerts with my friends and he does his own thing with his friends. We don't necessarily have to go out together. My family lives around here and I'm very close with them. So, for family functions, everyone comes through, but sometimes I'll just go to my sister's by myself. I think having your own independent life and independent hobbies is important because if not, you'll just burn each other out.

Any future plans that excite you?

Lindsey: We’re working hard now so we can retire early in the next 15 years and travel the world with no obligation!

A little preview of Lindsey and Jorge’s life to come

Meet Cutes NYC Takeaways: 

  1. Space for Personal Growth: By giving space for each other's passions and friendships, they create an environment that encourages personal growth alongside their shared journey. Their story teaches us that love doesn't demand constant togetherness, but rather a balance of moments together and moments apart — a sign of a harmonious relationship.

  2. Look for Signals: Love often starts with subtle signals. In Lindsey and Jorge's case, their patient approach to understanding each other's interest created an unconventional yet charming beginning to their story.

Today’s Quote on Personal Space:

"When you find yourself on your own, take the time to unwind and recharge. It's good for your soul."

Mary Gormandy White

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