🎡 Flirting at the Last Summer Carnival

Summer camp was ending but things were just heating up...

Welcome back to our Love Letter! This week we’re sharing the story of Andrew and Marielle, a couple whose flirtation began while they were summer camp counselors back in 2013.

Though the two had gone through grade school together, Andrew and Marielle felt their exchange at the last summer camp carnival was the first time each really saw the other. Days later they were both headed back to college for their sophomore years — 1,000 miles apart. Learn how comically bad timing, some misconceived judgement and the guidance of a close friend were all part of this couple’s journey towards happily ever after (aka sharing Dominos on Valentines Day).

So, how’d you meet?

Andrew: So we actually went to middle school and high school together, but we weren't really friends at that point. Then we worked at the same day camp after our freshman year of college, and we started talking at carnival day.

Marielle: That carnival day is such a light bulb memory for me. Because I obviously always knew Andrew. I think it's funny growing up in the same town. We didn't really have any classes together and I didn't know much about Andrew at all. But I remember walking away from our conversation at the carnival really amazed with the depth to which I had opened up and shared with him, because I remember talking to him about things I really didn't talk much about with other people. It kind of dug into more of an emotional layer. 45 minutes had gone by and we just kind of looked at each other and we weren't really sure where our campers went. It was definitely a moment.

Andrew: I was just asking questions about her time in college and everything like that. Marielle even now tells me I'm not one to know social norms and social cues. So I guess I didn't know I wasn't supposed to ask certain questions and we just kept talking. And I walked away with that flirty feeling, that first date kind of feeling.

How did things progress after the carnival?

Marielle: So the carnival was towards the end of the summer and we had probably less than a week before we were both back at college for sophomore year. So then we were texting and it definitely got flirty. And I feel like there was just so much anticipation leading up to Thanksgiving break. It was pretty classic and I don’t how he got there but he was perplexed that I had never seen the Minions movie, Despicable Me. Like really he was appalled and he pulled the “You have to see it… We should totally watch it over Thanksgiving break.” And so that was the next time we saw each other in person.

Andrew: Yeah we talked on and off and would see each other on and off for like two years after that before we really started dating. After junior year of college we were hanging out a lot over the summer.

Marielle: So one of my best friends did an internship with Andrew in DC that summer. And at that point we were in a little bit of a fizzle stage where I was not really engaging. I wasn't the nicest and I was pretty unresponsive. So when my friend got to know Andrew in DC she just called me out. She was like you’re being kind of a *** and he's such a nice guy. She kind of served me the hard truth that I owed him an explanation. I did feel really bad and I reached out to Andrew, and pretty quickly we started hanging out.

Andrew: I know the exact date when we made it official because it was right after her brother’s wedding. She didn’t want to have me go to the wedding and introduce me to everyone. So it was two days after.

What have you admired most about the other?

Marielle: I think for me with Andrew it is that while we handle things differently there is always perspective that he gives to me. He makes me think differently and it pushes me to kind of widen my lens, which I really respect and appreciate. While he still validates whatever I am feeling or thinking, there is always another way to look at a situation or a problem.

Andrew: I would say that she knows how to lighten the mood, how to laugh, how to be silly but also serious when it matters. And likewise challenge my thoughts and challenges my assumptions. I am continuing to learn that sometimes the way that I would handle situations is not the same way she would handle situations, and I’m always trying to be understanding that there are multiple ways to approach a problem.

Any exciting upcoming plans?

Marielle: I have an answer for that. I’m most excited for our honeymoon this August. We're both teachers. So we decided to save our honeymoon for the summer though we got married in October. So we'll go right after Andrew takes his bar exam because he's transitioning to law, and we'll get to spend time in Europe together. It'll be my first time there. And I think there's something really special about it being you know, not right after we had gotten married. Like we've been just really looking forward to it. I'm really excited.

Andrew: I would echo that and I would also say we are both considering career options and career change. So it’s growing and experiencing that, and pushing ourselves individually but also together.

Meet Cutes NYC: Andrew and Marielle’s story illustrates how relationships can unfold dynamically, echoing the mystifying beauty of life. They have thrived not just from all things finally aligning at the right point in time, but also from being openminded and sharing in each others’ growth goals each step of the way. It is this support and strength that empower them to make career pivots, adventure out to new countries and continuously deepen their understanding of one and other.

“Light bulb!”

Gru, Despicable Me

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