Empty Bus Seats Filled With Love

How Eddie and Anna Belle Met

While fireworks may have peaked for the season, we’d like to share one last spark between our friends Eddie and Anna Belle. These two love bugs attended the same college without ever crossing paths, and destiny brought them together when Anna Belle moved to the New York City for law school.

Learn how a love for adventure, blended personalities, and a distaste for oysters has progressed Eddie and Anna Belle’s relationship for the past 5 years.

How did the two of you meet?

Eddie: We both went to the same college, Washington University in St. Louis and I simply can't remember ever speaking to her. But when Anna Belle moved to NYC for law school, a mutual friend of ours invited us to go over to their house on Long Island. We talked for the first time on the bus ride out there. I was sitting by myself, and Anna Belle was with all of her friends and I think she just felt bad for me.

Anna Belle: He was just sitting there alone, so I think my friends and I were waving at him because the bus was empty. I noticed him in that instance, but I started to think he was cute when we got to the house and started hanging out by the pool. We ended up going out to a bar and then I kissed Eddie for the first time : )

How did all of this translate into the first date?

Eddie: I never got her number, so I had to text her friend who I knew for it. She politely gave me the number.

Anna Belle: The next morning or the next evening, I got a text from Eddie asking to go out. We went to John Dory. It was an oyster bar that used to be in Flatiron, which I think is now Milk Bar. But it used to be this super fun bar.

Eddie: That's where I learned that Anna Belle doesn’t eat anything that comes from the sea at all…

What qualities have made you feel compatible?

Eddie: I love her bubbly personality. She is just extremely outgoing, friendly and loves to have a good time. She also thinks I'm funny. She’ll laugh at everything I say.

Anna Belle: I'm very loud and I talk all the time. Basically, I’ve never stopped talking. Eddie is quieter than I am. He’s very sweet and nice - he was just different than a lot of other guys. He took a lot of initiative to plan our dates, and would get excited about choosing where we should go. Then he would always follow up with a text every single day which felt different than other relationships I had been in.

Eddie: She’s also just very caring about people in general. Not just people she knows but also she’s genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of people that she meets or that she sees which is really endearing. In a lot of ways we are similar too, which is nice. We both love to travel and try interesting places and do things a little bit different.

Five years in, what is the secret to the success of your relationship?

Eddie: Doing new things together, and not falling into routines. You need to keep it exciting, and keep creating opportunities to learn new things about each other. Having new experiences is incredibly important.

Anna Belle: Making sure you're listening and being understanding to one another. Especially when you move in together, you need to understand each other's habits and needs to ensure you can give them the love and space they require to be their best selves.

While living together, what are your biggest pet-peeves?

Anna Belle: When Eddie's cooking he gets really stressed out about cooking. It’s impossible to be in the kitchen with him because he needs everything to be exact and perfect and if you veer away from the recipe he has a panic attack.

Eddie: Definitely hypochondria. She always thinks she's sick or if she has a pain in her body it must be arthritis.

Meet Cute NYC: Eddie and Anna Belle’s story highlights that while similarities often bring a couple together, a thriving relationship comes also from understanding and respecting each others’ differences. Look beyond superficial impressions and discover the qualities that make others unique and special. Embrace your differences and find a balance that supports and uplifts every individual in your life.

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

Mother Teresa

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